My brother had a Peavey Falcon Custom electric guitar and pawned it for $100, and was going to just leave it default. I told him I would have given him the $100 for that guitar. It was better than my Horizon II. He offered to sell it to me for $125. I took my Horizon II down to the guitar store where I was taking lessons. I put it up for consignment telling them I wanted $125 out of it. It sold quickly. I went to pay my brother the $125 for the guitar, and found my mom had paid him the $125 and bought me the guitar as a birthday present. So now I had a new guitar and $125. My brother also sold me his Rockman Soloist. The Peavey Falcon Custom was basically Fender Strat Clone. I bought a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck pickup and had it installed into the bridge position. The work was done at the guitar store where Iwas taking lessons. They were very nice and only charged me for a basic pickup install even though they had to route out the guitar to install the double coil pickup where a single coil pickup used to be. The guitar sounded awesome with that pickup. Fantastic harmonics. Somewhere out there is a Peavey Falcon Custom with a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck pickup installed in the bridge position. I can’t imagine there would be more than one like it!