After I had been playing guitar for a while, I decided I wanted a better guitar. I had been playing a couple strat copies (Peavey Horizon II, Peavey Falcon Custom). I decided I wanted a real Strat. And if I was going to get a strat, I wanted an Fender Stratocaster American Standard. I visited a local music store and saw a really pretty red Fender Stratocaster American Standard witha natural maple fretboard. It was like $700 or something like that. I decided to check out the pawn shops. I hit my favorite pawn shop, but nothing there. I mapped out all the pawn shops down in Tacoma. I figured I would find lots of pawn shops down by military bases. I thought I would have a good chance of finding a Fender Strat. I went out on a Saturday and hit every single pawn shop in Tacoma. It was a fun afternoon driving around the city in my 1967 Ford Mustang. I saw only a couple actual Fender Strats. I saw a ton of electric guitars, but they were mostly cheap junk. One of the strats was a lefty. I thought about buying and and stringing right-handed, but decided that might be a bad idea for my primary guitar. Another Fender Strat had been butchered and I could tell what was original and what wasn’t. So I had no luck in the pawn shops.
I did however stop at a music store in downtown Tacoma, and saw some nice guitars. They had an Yngwie Malmsteen signature model strat. But it cost more than I wanted to spend. They also had a Fender Strat Am Std in this ugly bergundy color. But it was on sale for $550 or something around that. I went back to the first music store where I saw the pretty red Strat. I told the guy there that I saw another Fender Strat on sale down in Tacoma for $550, but that I had been to their store first. And if they would match the $550 price, I would but their strat. The matched the price, and bought the pretty red Fender Stratocaster American Standard along with a hard case.
I sold my Peavey Falcon Custom with the Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck pickup back to my brother for what he sold it to me for. He also wanted the Rockman Soloist back, so I sold that back to him too. I really miss the Rockman Soloist.