When I was a kid, I asked for an electric guitar for christmas. I had seen one in the Sears catalog. I know now that it was probably cheap junk, but what did I know then? My parents promptly bought me a piece of junk acoustic guitar that kept breaking at the neck.  Chances are my dad bought it at Sears where he worked. It may have been a return, or damaged to begin with. They probably bought it to see if I would actually play the thing and practice. Or maybe they didn’t want to be hearing an electric guitar blasting away in my bedroom. I did manage to get some sort of electric guitar sounds out of the thing by dropping a cheap microphone into the sound hole which then I would plug into my stereo and crank the mic input to get the distortion. I would get lots of screaming feedback, and not the good kind. More like and ear piercing, just kill me now kind.
Then they signed me up for guitar lessons where they were teaching us how to play Michael Row Your Boat Ashore… Needless to say, I never practiced. I wanted to learn how to play Bachman Turner Overdrive and stuff like that, and here I was learning to play (or they were trying to teach me how to play) the strum strum strum strum, chord change touchy feely crap! Oh well. The guitar broke, was fixed, and then I don’t remember what happened to it. I think it might have broken again.