Years later, I bought my first electric guitar. I bought it used in a pawn shop for $200. It was a Peavey Horizon II. I had read somewhere that Peavey made inexpensive, but good quality guitars. I couldn’t afford a really good guitar at that point in my life. They had some SG style guitars in there for not much more mioney. I kick myself now wondering if they were actually Gibson SGs. If they were actual Gibsons, I would have been better off buying one of those. Oh well. Chances are they were cheap knock offs. But the Horizon II sounded great. As far as electric guitars, that particular pawn shop always seems to have a good selection at pretty prices. Maybe next time I am back in the Seattle area, I will stop in and see if they still have any good guitars in there. Who knows, maybe I can find a Gibson SG hanging on the rack?