After I stopped taking lessons from George, I mostly played on my own, or sometimes with a friend of mine. I had also bought a used classical guitar and attempted to learn some classical guitar. I even took a couple lessons from a co-worker. But it was just too hard, and I was more interested in hard rock/heavy metal stuff. I learned some songs out of various guitar magazines. Guitar Player, and Guitar for the Practicing Musician. I also bought a few tab books, and learned some songs out of them.
Up at the local community college, I saw a 1 credit electric guitar class being offered. I thought it could be fun. It was a beginning class, but I was going to be coming in with some chops already. I still wasn’t very good, but I certainly wasn’t a beginner. And I could use the college credit. Alot of the class was learning how site read. I worked on it, but never got very good at it. It was pain lugging around my electric guitar and amp. Often I would just bring my classical guitar. No one said anything about it though. I remember in an early class, the instructor was playing rythym and having students solo over it. When my turn came, he let play for a while. I threw everything I knew into it. I was hammer-ons, pulloffs, bending, different modes, finger tapping, whammy bar stuff, howls and growls. It was fun. But I pretty much hit my limit, and the instructor knew it. But it was fun anyway.
The intermediate class students were supposed to play a song as a quarter end project. Some of them were pretty good. I remember a couple guys playing a duet of Yesterday by the Beatles. I was in the beginner class so wasn’t required to play a song as a project, but I thought what the heck. I played Battery by Metallica. I put a lot of work into learning it. I did an okay job of it. I hit a couple bad notes in the song. At one point when I hit a couple bad notes into a row, I stopped screamed a loud ARRGGGHH!!!, and continued playing. It’s funny, but everyone thought that was part of the song! LOL! I passed the class (it was pass/fail) and got my credit.