Now that I had my Fender Stratocaster American Standard, one of the things I noticed was that it fit me differently than the Peaveys did. With the Peaveys, my right hand rested nicely on the bridge. I was able to pick the strings, palm mute them, etc. But the Fender felt awkward. But I thought I would get used to it.
The sound of the Fender Strat was thin. It just didn’t have the harmonics of the cheap Peaveys, especially the Falcon Custom with the Jeff Beck pickup in it. I knew that Yngwie Malmsteen installed Dimarzio HS-3’s in the bridge and neck positions on his Strat, so I bought a couple, and installed them. They sounded better than the stock Fender pickups, but still no where near as good as the Jeff Beck pickup did. And I certainly wasn’t about to have my new Fender Strat bored out and fitted with a Jeff Beck pickup. Again, I figured I would get used to it.
One of the plusses of the the Fender Strat was that it stayed in tune a little better when I used the whammy bar. But with the lousy harmonics, I couldn’t do the Van Halen like howls and growls very well.