I have been learning some AC/DC songs. It’s amazing what Angus Young does using pretty much only very basic chords. G, A, D, E, etc. I have always loved the look of the Gibson SG. I used to be a big fan of Bachman Turner Overdrive, and the guitarist played and SG. Also Tony Iommi the guitarist from Black Sabbath. And as I mentioned, I have kicked myself for passing up the SGs at the pawn shop when I bought Peavey Horizon II…if they were real Gibson SGs.
I have been watching eBay and Craigslist for SGs. The Gibson SGs are expensive. But the Epiphone versions are a little cheaper.
The reviews of the Epiphone SGs though are not good. At least the SG Special’s. It sounds like the cheaper ones are made from plywood or particle board or something. I can’t imagine they would be made out of partical board! Maybe plywood. But hey, I am seen some cool things made from laminated wood. But maybe if I can find one cheap. I bid on a couple of them on ebay, but got outbid.
Maybe instead of spending a $100 on a cheap Epiphone SG Special, I could save my money and buy a $500-$700 Gibson SG?
I don’t know. I will keep watch ebay and craigslist.