I would have loved to go over immediately and picked up my new guitar, but I had to find a time in both my schedule and the seller’s schedule.
The seller sent me his address and I plugged it into my GPS. I left right from work to be at his house at about 6pm. It was close to an hour drive.
When I pulled into his driveway, there was a large dog. I will a bit leary abotu getting out of my car. But the dog didn’t seem to be hostile. So I got out and kept my eye on him. He came over and sniffed my hand. The seller came to the garage entrance and let me in. He took me into a little recording studio. He showed me the guitar and let me plug in. I played a few power chords, and a little bit of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I didn’t play much as I was embarrassed to play in front of the guy because how bad I suck at playing.
He had put new strings on the guitar, tuned it, set the intonation, and in general set it up. He said he was a guitar teacher and the guitar had belonged to one of his students. He had also thrown in a guitar strap. The case was an actual Gibson case and was very nice.
The guitar felt and sounded great. He had other guitars around the room including at least one actual Gibson Les Paul.
I asked him about the guitar having been previously sold. He said that the guy had come to pick it up, and saw a Les Paul Studio and liked it better than the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. The seller traded the guitars. I am assuming that the Studio was an Epiphone. But the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top is worth more than the Studio version. Though apparently the Studio was in a non-standard color. But maybe I misunderstood and the guy got an actual Gibson Les Paul Studio in which case he probably got a great deal!
Whatever the case, I got an new guitar.