I had been watching eBay auctions and craigslist for SG’s. But I also started watching for Les Pauls to see if I came up with a good deal. I read very good reviews of the Epiphone Les Paul Standards, especially the ones with the non-painted tops. Apparently the ones witht he painted tops, use a different wood and sound differently.
I had been searching ebay for guitars that were close to me so that I could potentially save the shipping costs and could perhaps get a better deal.
I had even been looking at brand new Epiphone Les Paul Standards. I found one site that listed the Epiphone Les Paul Stand Plain Top with a Gator Molded Hardshell Case for $449 and free shipping. I was seriously considering this. But they didn’t have any in stock. When they did get some in stock, the price had suddenly jumped to $499. That kind of pissed me off.
An auction came up for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a plus top. The plus top is very nice looking. The seller was local so I emailed him to verify that I could pick it up and save shipping. He said no problem. I kept watching it. I did some research and saw that the seller had sold this same guitar a couple weeks earlier. Same pictures everything. That made me a bit curious. The bid on the auction was still low enough that the reserve hadn’t been met. It had previously sold for about $356. Maybe the sale hadn’t gone through or something, though positive feedbacks had been left. But I guess the reserve for $350. And it came with a nice hard case.
I set up a snipe bid for the guitar at $367 or something like that. I didn’t want to bid too high figuring that I could buy a brand new plain top without a case for around $400.
When the day of the auction came, the snipe bid triggered and I won the auction for the reserve price of $350!
Way cool!