I loved the sound of the Rockman Soloist that I got from my brother years ago. I always regretted selling it back to him. Oh well. But it had distortion, compression/sustain, and chorusing all built in. I liked it especially since it made my crappy playing sound better. LOL!
I started watching ebay auctions for Rockmans. There were other kinds besides the Soloist such as the X100, Guitar Ace, and a bunch of other stuff including rack mount stuff. But I had the Soloist, and I am not sure what the other stuff would sound like.
The Soloists really seem to get bid up quite a bit, especially if they come with the AC adaptor. The AC adaptor is not a basic adaptor but I think it have dual voltages, and is unique. So I couldn’t just buy it at Radio Shack.
I finally got what I thought was a good deal on a Rockman Soloist ($45 including shipping). It arrive quickly, nicely packaged. When I went to install batteries in it, I notice a lot of corrosion in the battery compartment. I carefully opened the unit up. Using a q-tip and alcohol I attempted to clean the corrosion. It was going slowly. I switched to using vinegar, and this worked much better. I also used a tooth brush. Eventually I got allt he corrosion and gunk cleaned up.
I installed batteries and fired it up. I plugged in my guitar and some headphones. But all I got out of it was a constant squealing with a faint guitar sound in the background. There was a possibilty the switches were dirty. They didn’t slide smoothly. Maybe there was a poor connection, or added resistance there. I couldn’t get it to sound any better.
I went to Radio Shack and bought some TV-Tuner/Control Cleaner & Lubricant. I sprayed the tuner cleaner/lub stuff on the switches, and got them to slide smoothly. The screetching went away. There was progress. If I plugged my guitar into the aux input, I got clean guitar sound out the head phones…well on the left ear anyway. The effects did’t seem to work for this input though. But when I plugged the guitar into the guitar input, I got nothing. I took it apart again, and sprayed the cleaner into the jack thinking maybe those contacts were dirty too. After cleaning the jacks it was slighlty cleaner sounding. But I still couldn’t get the guitar input jack to work, so none of the effects worked.
After trying various things, I gave up. I contacted the seller, and after I sent the unit back to him, he refunded my money. He was very nice. I have been hesitant about buying another one. Also, I have started to wonder if I want everything I play to sound like Boston.