Well, I guess I can’t say that I was ever really in love with playing guitar, but I used to like it lot. I wasn’t one of these guys that played for hours a day. And I was never very good. I had people tell me I was pretty good, but I don’t think I was.
But now I had this beautiful new expensive Fender Stratocaster American Standard with Dimazio HS3 pickups just like Yngwie Malmsteen used. But the guitar just wasn’t as fun to play as the Peavey Horizon II or the Peavey Falcon Custom. This guitar just didn’t fit me as well. The harmonics sucked, and I just couldn’t get the sounds out of it that I enjoyed. And I was always a little afraid of scratching it or dinging it. It just wasn’t as much fun.
When I got married and moved, the guitar just sort of sat packed away. Every now and then, I would pull it out play it a bit, or least the bits and scraps that I could remember, and then I would put it away again. It just wasn’t any fun. Eventually I wouldn’t pull it out anymore.