Out of curiousity, I had been watching craigslist for guitars just to see what popped. One day an ad for an Epiphone Les Paul Jr showed up. The guy was asking $70. I went out and read reviews, and surprisingly it actually got pretty good reviews for a cheap guitar. It only had the one humbucker in the bridge position. I figured I could buy it, if I didn’t like it, I could turn around and sell it for about $70, or maybe even slightly more. I thought have a cheap guitar that I didn’t have to worry about scratching or dinging could be fun. Maybe I would enjoy playing again.
I emailed the guy and arranged to meet him in the evening at his work. I noticed the ad had been modified to say $80, but when I originally saw it, it said $70. So in my email, I mentioned the $70 price, and he didn’t say anything about it being raised to $80.
I met him at his work at about 7:30, and we went out to his car. I checked out the guitar and it looked to be in very good shape. I checked the neck for warpage, but didn’t see any. The guy had brought a small practice amp. I had told guy I wasn’t any Yngwie Malmsteen. I played a few power chords, and a couple scales. That was about all I actually remembered how to play. EVerything seemed good, so I paid the guy the $70 and took the guitar home.
I plugged the guitar into my Peavey Backstage Plus amp, and goofed around a little bit. I played along with Ween’s Ocean Man which is an incredibly simple song and only has three chords. It was fun. The guitar actually seemed to fit me much better than the Fender Strat. And it had a good sound. It did seem to got out of tune frequently.