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When I was a kid, I wanted an electric guitar. My favorite band was Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO). And I had seen electric guitars in the Sears catalog that looked really cool. I know now that they were probably junk, but they looked cool! I told my parents I wanted an electric guitar for Christmas.
My parents bought me a guitar. But not an electric guitar. They bought me a cheap accoustic guitar. It was steel string. Very cheap. And the neck broke away from the body a couple times, and had to be reglued.
They signed me up for guitar lessons. The classes were at an elementary school, either at night, or on weekends. I don’t remember for sure. The teacher had us learning Michael Row Your Boat Ashore. Strum Strum Strum Strum, chord change, Strum Strum Strum Strumm chord change. It sucked! I wanted to learn BTO and other rock songs, and I am learning Michael Row Your BORING Boat Ashore. Actually I wasn’t learning it. I didn’t like the song. I had no interest in learning the song. I didn’t practice. I didn’t learn anything!
I did learn that if I stuck a microphone in through the sound hole, and ran it through my stereo with the gain cranked, I could get it to sort of sound like an electric guitar.
My days with that guitar were few. When I was older and had a job, I bought my first electric guitar, a Peavey Horizon II, at a pawn shop. Then I actually started to leanr how to play guitar. Too bad my parents hadn’t bought me an electric guitar, even a cheap one, when I was a kid. I may have actually started to play much earlier.

I have been playing with the main riff from UFO’s Rock Bottom. Michael Schenker is just incredible in that song. I am simplifying it though. He pedals off the open E string alot, and I am just not good enough, or fast. So I am playing the basic notes.
I have also been playing with The Scorpions-Rock You Like A Huricane. I would like to relearn Big City Nights. I learned that whole song including the solo and fills years ago when I was taking guitar lessons.
These days I have been playing mostly the rhythm parts. I have a lot of fun playing Joe Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way. I have gotten pretty good at the rhythm parts of that.
Maybe I will have to revisit some Ted Nugent songs. I used to be able to play a few. They were a lot of fun, but I used to break a lot of strings with all the string bending.
Maybe I will record a video, and post it on YouTube. I really suck though. But I am getting better. Slowly. Then I guess I will just suck less.

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