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Learning how to play guitar…again


I was down in Pennsylvania for a wedding, and staying at my aunt and uncle’s house. Early Saturday morning, I got up and went for a 5 mile run. When I returned, a whole bunch of garage sales had opened up. It was big street sale involving multiple streets. Cool! I stopped at a few of them on my way back to the house. I didn’t see anything I needed. I stopped at the house, changed into regular (non-running) clothes, and headed out walking from garage sale to garage sale.
One sale had a trumpet and a clarinet. But they wanted over $100 each for those, and the odds of me learning to play either one is remote. I played clarinet in elementary school. I really sucked at that. They actually kicked me out of the band. LOL!
Towards the end, I found one sale that had a crapload or guitar magazines. Most of them were Guitar For The Practicing Musician. That is a great magazine, and I have a bunch of issues in a box from when I learned to play the first time. The guy was asking 25 cents apiece. I did a quick count and there were over 60 magazines. I asked him how much he wanted for all of them. He said $10. So I bought them all for $10. I even got a couple magazine type binders (with Guitar printed on the side). It was tough carrying them all back to aunt and uncles house which was a few blocks away. At least they were all in a box.
When I got home last night, I went through them. They are all in pretty good shape. I counted 72 magazines. All except three or four magazines are Guitar For The Practicing Musician. I know I already have some of the issues. It will be fun to dig through them and find some new songs to learn.

I have been having a lot of fun relearning how to play guitar. I learning it from a different angle than I learned the first. When I first learn, I took lessons, and learned scales, and was learning complex songs by Yngwie Malmsteen, and Van Halen and stuff like that. I leaned a lot of scales, modes, licks, and how to solos, and stuff like that. This time, I focusing more on the rhythm parts. I have taken to playing along with songs. I have played along with some of my CDs, or concert DVDs. But more often, I bring up the music video on YouTube and play along with that. I also look up the tabs on the web to help me figure out the song. Some of the songs I have been learning, and playing along to are Highway To Hell by AC/DC, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, Merry Christmas From The Family by Robert Earl Keen, Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh. One of the first and simplest ones I learned was Ocean Man by Ween which is only 3 chords in the whole song. Very simple, but fun to play. The song I am working on now is Money For Nothing by Dire Straights. I had learned it years ago from a tab transcription in a magazine. But I have had to relearn it. But it has been fun to crank up the song on YouTube, and play along with it. I am slowly getting better.

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