I routinely watch ebay and craigslist for guitar stuff around me. A local guy was selling a Boss DSM-5 Power Supply and Master Switch on ebay. The bid price was pretty low. I figured if I could get agood deal on it, I would pick it up. I contacted the guy and asked if I won the auction, could I pick it up and save shipping. He said no problem.
I read about how older Boss pedals use the ACA type power supplies, and the new ones use the newer style PSA style adaptors. The old ACA adaptors put out 12volts DC, and the PSA adaptors but out 9volts DC. So hooking a PSA adaptor to an older ACA type pedal wouldn’t work. But I think I remember reading somewhere that it would work if it goes through a DSM-5. Not sure about this though.
I ended up winning the auction for the DSM-5 for $15.50. I emailed the guy, but my email was returned as undeliverable. I sent him a message through ebay, but didn’t hear back. I sent him another messg, but still didn’t hear back. I got an invoice for the pedal plus $12 shipping. The guy lives less than 15 miles from me. I again tried to email him, but it came back undeliverable. I got his contact info from ebay, and the phone # was in New Jersey. That threw me a bit. I decided that maybe he was a student. I called him and he hadn’t gotten my emails. He had changed email addresses and forgot to update ebay. He appologised whole heartedy. We made arrangements for me to pick up the pedal. I met him the next day after work. He ended up only charging me $10 because of the email hassle.
I still need to get a daisy chain power cable for it. I found the manual for it on the Boss website. For $10, I think I will get some use out of it. I can always resell it I guess if I don’t end up using it.